Improving the low success rates starts with a thorough screening. This consists of both a medical and behavioral screening.

Medical screeningDNA string
At the age of 12 months the dogs are screened for different disorders. For orthopedic disorders, hip dysplasia is checked by means of radiographs, where both the conformation and the laxity of the hips are examined. The elbow joints are visualized by CT scan. In addition, DNA testing is performed, whereas the eyes are also checked annually in the breeding dogs.

Behavior screening
The dogs are evaluated at different stages in life. Several tests are used, like the GDBart test and the New Zealand Puppy test. Based on these tests, it is decided whether the dogs are suited for their role as assistance dogs. Both during the training and when the dog is at work, the instructors from the assistance dog associations continue to monitor the behavior of the dog.

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