Puppycam EN

With a lot of pride we present our first litter. Starling, a black labrador loaned by Guiding Eyes for the blind, gave birth to 7 healthy puppies in a domestic area.

Now the puppies are out of danger, we want to share our joy by streaming the images of the nest cam life on this page for a few days.

The 7 blond puppies were born on the 10th of July 2018. The 2 bitches and 5 males are full of health and are very well nursed by their mother Starling. At this moment as we start this life stream they are about 10 days old. An ideal age to share with you. More and more senses are now sufficiently developed and the discovery of the world can start. The eyes open slowly, the smell and the hearing get going, crawling becomes steps.

The nest cam will not be constantly streamed live, due to technical, privacy and care reasons.

We try to publicize the images between 6 pm and 10 pm. If for some reason there is no life stream available, do not worry, come back later.

This project was made possible thanks to our sponsor Ecuphar and we would like to thank them again for this.


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