Foster family – Info

Introductory meeting

Before you get a dog, we would like to visit you to get acquainted and discuss in detail what we expect when you commit to fostering a dog from Purpose Dogs VZW.

The dog brings along:

  • Dog basket

  • Dog bowl

  • Brush

  • Food


Every family will be assigned to an employee from Purpose Dogs VZW, who will visit you on a regular basis and help you with training or other issues as needed. This also means that you do not have to be an experienced dog owner!


Purpose Dogs VZW will pay the out of pocket expenses agreed in advance (e.g. veterinary care and food)


Taking care for a dog requires time and devotion. As such, we require our foster families to meet the following criteria:

  • At least one adult being able to spend sufficient time with the dog on a daily basis
  • Children should never be left unattended together with the dog without supervision of an adult
  • To socialize the dog optimally, the dog will be exposed to a variety of situations normal in everyday life (e.g. shopping, going to a restaurant, taking the car and public transportation)
  • While veterinary costs and pet food will be taken care off by Purpose Dogs VZW, you will provide the education and daily care of the dog free of charge
  • From the moment a brood bitch is in heat, you must immediately inform Purpose Dogs VZW and bring her to an employee for follow-up or to be mated as and when asked
  • Allow regular visits at home by one of our employees for follow-up of the dog and/or puppies
  • For all-round foster families and maternity foster families: taking care for the brood bitch and the puppies during the first eight weeks.
  • To comply with the house rules of Purpose Dogs VZW.

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