Muse’s last litter

At the last day of September, Muse gave birth to her last litter. 4 healthy puppies were born in the family of Pietermans. Coco, a son of Nova, working guide dog is a proud father. He was trained by guide dog school Entrevues at Luik. 

Congratulations Arte, Starling’s son

Purpose Dogs is pleased to announce that the first dog in our breeding program is entering its professional career. Arte (Racham) son of Starling was delivered to his new owner a month ago. He will be guiding the life of a blind person in the coming years. 🦮 He was...

Jada starts also her second litter

Jada gave birth to 7 healthy puppies on the 5th of April 2020. Mother and puppies are doing very well. Due to the Corona crisis, it was decided to transfer Jada to another maternity family before giving birth in order to protect and relieve the regular host family as...