Providing a good home for our dogs is of the utmost importance for Purpose Dogs VZW. As such, we are constantly looking for foster families to provide a home for our dogs, take care for them on a daily basis and train them according to our standards. In practical terms, there are three types of foster families:

Types of foster families

  • The all-round foster family: these provide a permanent home of a breeding dog (both pregnant and not-pregnant) and, after whelping, temporary housing of the puppies until they go to the different assistance dogs associations.

  • The maternity foster family: special foster families that only house the pregnant bitches during the final part of their pregnancy up until the moment that the puppies go to the different assistance dogs associations. Thereafter, the bitch goes back to the housing foster family.

  • The housing foster family: the foster family that houses the bitches when they are not pregnant and during the first part of the pregnancy (up until confirmation of the pregnancy).


How to become a foster family?

Being a foster family for a dog is a unique experience. By providing a stable home situation, you lay the foundations to ensure the dog develops into a social, confident and obedient companion.

If you would like some further information or you are ready to sign up now, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch to arrange an introductory meeting. During this introductory meeting, we will explain in greater detail what we are expecting from you and what you can expect from us. You can also find some additional information here.

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