The road from puppy to assistance dog is long (>2 years) and requires a significant investment of time, money and effort. Because assistance dogs have an enormous responsibility, they must meet strict quality criteria. For example, our dogs are thoroughly screened medically and behaviorally.

What are the results now? For two years in a row, we have seen a clear difference between the success rate of our dogs and those not bred by us. How clear? Well, the success rate of Purpose dogs is 23% higher!

So very promising results, especially considering that these results were achieved by dogs bred by an organization in its first two years of existence.

  • Jada: Blitz, Boya & Buddy
  • Nova: Cara, Coca, Chanel, Chicco & Coco
  • Canelle: Cartouche, Cawla, Cherry, Calvin, Clooney & Choco
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