We collaborated again with La Cape , the French association that trains assistance dogs for people suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Guppie, son of Jada, left for the south of France this month. He will be trained as a PTSD assistance dog. Guppie is a very people-oriented puppy and will perform this role with brilliance. 

Did you know? 
European regulations state that a puppy may only be vaccinated against rabies at the earliest at the age of 12 weeks. After that you have to respect the waiting time for another 3 weeks before he can cross the border. The vaccine needs time to produce antibodies, and safety for humans and animals can only be guaranteed after 3 weeks.  

Thank you to our volunteer Katrien and her family for offering Guppie a warm home until he was allowed to leave for France. And thank you to our volunteers who transported him safely to the south of France. 

Another nice example of cooperation between our volunteers. 

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